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Welcome to Savile on the Roe, a limited collection of 28 luxury residences tucked into the enviable Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, just moments from Yonge & Eglinton.

More than just a beautiful building, experience unequivocal elegance blended effortlessly with contemporary style. Classic brickwork complements the surrounding neighbourhood, while the accent of charcoal metal panels adds modern drama. Choice layouts include private rooftop terraces, front yard patios, and enviable backyards for intimate and exclusive al fresco living.


Roland Rom Colthoff, lead architect at RAW Design, shares his thoughts on creating Savile on the Roe.

What was your vision for Savile on the Roe?

We are trying to create a very exclusive little enclave in the Mount Pleasant area. The residences have some of the advantages of individual freehold towns with the addition of elevator access and indoor parking. We want to create a very livable and convenient environment that still reflects the character of the family homes in the area from which many of our residents will originate.

How do you reinvent aN essence of modern luxury?

Referencing the term “Bespoke”, it means thoughtfully designed, highly personal. The entry sequence from the steps to the door handle are intended to convey a sense of individual exclusivity and comfort. Luxury is also expressed in the experience of space and light. A direct connection to the outdoors and natural light without a loss of privacy. Carefully curated terraces and screens contribute to this. The inclusion of an elevator adds to the exclusivity.

How did the location of this building influence its design?

The design is intended to be a ‘mild’ take on a classic townhome. The materials and colour palette proposed are intended to complement its neighbours, while the proportion of windows and doors is reminiscent of the vernacular of the area.

How does practical functionality come into creating fashionable spaces?

Functional means providing a sense of spaciousness within the confines of a townhome. Thoughtful and efficient space planning to open the interiors and views through the dwelling.

What was your inspiration?

Our influences were the grand brownstones of New York and the Back Bay of Boston, only elevated with more contemporary disciplines.

Please share three adjectives to
describe Savile on the Roe.

Dignified. Elegant. Generous.